Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

The start of Serious Sam: The Second EncounterI discovered Serious Sam on our last LAN party. When we were all nearly sleeping, we needed a game that does require little to no attention. Serious Sam did fill this gap very well!

ChainsawWe played Serious Sam in Coop Mode, which was very funny. The advantage of Coop over Deathmatch is, that you don’t need to pay fully attention on aiming. If you already took a look at Serious Sam, you probably know that this game is all about shooting.

Serious wound!There are a large amount of enemies attacking you which are mostly dead with one shot. Because of the number of enemies you never become bored, there’s always another enemy standing right behind your back if you think that you killed all monsters near you.

Playing as a group, discovering all the enemies, weapons and simple puzzles is very entertaining. Even if you pass out for some minutes, you will respawn in the group as soon as you die. This gives you the chance to ignore some annoying puzzles while still be part of the group later.

The game engine is about five years old, making it perfect to play on nearly every PC. That said, you also benefit from the cheap price of the game, which mean you can play it online for nearly no money!

The sequel

If you now look at the screenshots, and find yourself asking if you really should try such an old game, I have a solution for you: The developers created a sequel, which is called Serious Sam 2. It is based on a better game engine and therefore looks much better! While I didn’t play the game yet, I can’t really tell you if Serious Sam II is the right game for a LAN-party.
Judging what all the gaming sites tell me, Serious Sam II has the same humor the first two games (Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter) have, along with new enemies and weapons.

If you already played Serious Sam 2, please leave a comment how you liked the game and if it is worth to play it on a LAN-party.

See you next week for my third LAN-game presentation!

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