Command & Conquer: Generals

Purple BaseDo you remember the last time when you’ve played a strategy game on a LAN party?

While I love strategy games I don’t think that they are perfect for LAN parties. The reason is, that players with experience in the game will always win.

Purple ParticleBut if you are able to define even teams, I advise you to try a strategy!

Command & Conquer is probably the most known strategy game series. The latest game to date is Command & Conquer: Generals. It features a 3D engine and many funny units like Hackers who “suck the internet dry” or Workers who complain about the “Hard work” you gave them.

Cyan Base Cyan gets nuked Another particle cannon attack at the purple player

LAN game without AI

It is possible to add a artificial players to your LAN game, enabling you to play against one or more computer-controlled-players. But if I were you, I would play human vs. human.

If you add computer-controlled players, you will have massive lag problems at the end of the game. My experience shows, that the interruptions will be gone, if you don’t include AI-players. Unless you haven’t any problems waiting 10 seconds during a battle, you should try to play with human players only.

Zero Hour Add-On

C&C: Generals is very balanced and I recommend you to take a look at the add-on called Zero Hour.

C&C: Generals – Zero Hour adds several new abilities to each side, including different Generals that have special abilities like General Tsing Shi Tao who specialise on nuklear weaponry, or General Alexis Alexander who brings weapons of mass destruction to the US-side.

The game on the right side contains both: The original Command & Conquer: Generals game, and the Add-On called Command & Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour.

If you already own C&C: Generals you can buy the expansion pack Zero Hour in a seperate box.

In case you already played Command and Conquer, let me ask you about your opinion about the game. Please leave a comment and describe why you like or dislike C&C: Generals and what maps, mods or strategy tips you want my readers to know!

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  1. Lan Games » How to fix Command and Conquer: Generals lag issues Says:

    […] Some weeks ago I introduced C&C: Generals together with the add-on Zero Hour. […]

  2. Lewie Says:

    When i played a LAN game against my friend on my computer and laptop, everytime we try to play it says The game had a mismatch, the game can’t synchronize the data between the other person etc. how do you fix the sync data problem?

  3. admin Says:

    Lewie, AFAIK you need to play with the exact same version and the same language of the game!

  4. saleh Says:

    i iam trying to play with my freind but also it do mis match how can i solve it

  5. (*Oliver*) Says:

    Hey I am a big fan of C&C and I am playing generals and zero hour…can we play on LAN together…I want to battle someone via LAN. Contact me on my email. thanks

  6. REDmac Says:

    hi i’m the big fan of c&c. i always like to play with my friends through lan . The problem was while i’m try to join the game it display the message like ( The Serial is already in use). Plz guys help me out to solve this problem. If any one know how to solve it plz mail me the sollution to my e-mail address. thanx. my email id was (

  7. zaIN Says:

    when i connect my command & conquer generals zero hour on two pcs on other computer it says that connection time out

  8. anty Says:

    @zaIN: try to stop the Firewalls on both of your PCs!

  9. HellPig Says:

    I’m having the same problem as REDmac is, I have zero hour on 2 seperate computers and I’m trying to play a lan game, and it say the serial is already in use, and I have 2 different serial keys O.o how do I fix this, can anyone help? TY

  10. Max Says:

    if you liked zero hour give shockwave mod for zero hour a go. did that on our 3 last lan parties and they keep coming back for more explosions:P

  11. RazTa Dude Says:

    hei. im also a big fan of C&C zero hour but im also incountering the same problem about the serial. .

    cause when im connecting with my brothers PC ,something will pop-up a serial is already in use. .
    plz help cause i realy need you help. . plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    tanx. .
    just reply on my email. .

  12. John Says:

    Regarding CD keys – get an application called DatGen.exe if you change your CD key then have the problem of all your buildings blowing up.
    You can change your CD key using one of the EA multikeygen programs – even to a legit CD key, as it will change all the registry entries etc.

  13. vellu Says:

    why when i play zero hour cwc on lan gaming with my brothe why it appeal game mismatch ???? please help me!!!

  14. J-Bob Says:


    I am also having the same problem as many others. Trying to play over LAN with a friend, we each have our own legit copies Command & Conquer The First Decade.

    We are trying to play Zero Hour over the LAN and we get the message that says there is a mis-match and it disconnects.

    Again, we have our own legit copies of The First Decade and our computers are identical. Any help would be appreciated.

  15. zz Says:

    how to know that my friend and I have same version of C&C Generals??
    even we using same cd..??

  16. Abster-iT Says:

    After 4 weeks i have eventually identified the root cause of this problem. The sync problem happened to me all of a sudden.

    I have fixed it on my PC and Laptop. My PC is i5 and Laptop is i3 and wifi. Both running Windows 7 Home.

    It doesnt matter much on spec that is not the problem i have found.

    For the fix please e-mail me at and i will reply with the fix that got me working. It involves Command and Conquer Generals, Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour, Windows Firewall with Advanced Settings, and the Documents folder that holds both games operational files. This problem is a joint bug with the OS and the Game thanks to one of windows crucial updates.

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