Battlefield 2

Chopper shootingPicture this: You are the only one on the front. You are lying on the dust, waiting for a clean shot. Suddenly a tank appears in your scope! You request backup immediately, telling everyone that a tank is coming to your position.
The tank hasn’t spotted you yet, but he is moving to your position very fast. Suddenly a helicopter appears behind the tank and starts fireing at it. It’s your teammate! Sniper headshotYou take a look at the map and see that you have two soldiers in the area that are crawling through the jungle to help you.
Lucky for you, one of this soldiers is an anti-tank unit. Three clean shots from this soldier and the tank is history.
Now you can capture this spawn-point as a team!

Artillerie destroyedThis scenario is typical for an average Internet game. It is usually much better when you have enough players on a LAN party!

Battlefield 2 features big maps, team-play, vehicles, choppers, boats, and supports up to 64 players on one single server! This should be enough to guarantee you hours of fun with your friends.

BF 2 is not for old PCs

If you know that some of your friends at your LAN party don’t have the latest hardware on the market, you should rethink if you want to play Battlefield 2!

The minimum requirements are:

  • CPU: 1.7 Ghz
  • RAM: 512 Mb
  • Video Card: NVidia GeForce FX 5700, ATI Radeon 8500 or ATI Radeon 9500 with 128 Mb of RAM

If you know that you some of you will not fulfill these requirements, you probably want to take a look at Battlefield 1942.

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