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Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

What is the most played game on LAN parties? You certainly guessed right: Counter-Strike! But why is this game so damn popular?

de_dust2 on Counter-Strike 1.5For those of you, who never heard of Counter-Strike I have a short description: Counter-Strike is a team-based multiplayer game, where two teams compete against each other. Players use authentic weapons and have either to kill all enemies or achieve a goal like planting a bomb in a special area.

That does not sound that bad, but what makes Counter-Strike the kick-ass game everybody talks about? There are plenty of reasons, but I think the best ones are:

  • The game forces you to play in a team, because you always spawn as a group,
  • it is very easy to make your first steps, but very hard to master Counter-Strike, giving you a reason to keep playing it and,
  • you can play it in every condition, especially when everyone around you is as exhausted as you are.

These three reasons make Counter-Strike a perfect LAN game!

No Internet? No problem!

There is only one thing you have to keep in mind: If you have no Internet-connection available, you should consider playing version 1.5. If you own Half-Life, you can download Counter-Strike officially as a modification on various sites on the net for free! Just make sure you download version 1.5 which is the last version that does not need the steam platform to run. Now someone will point a finger at me and say: “This guy does not know that Steam offers an offline mode!”

Well, as you might guess, I am fully aware of the offline mode but here are two reasons why you don’t want to use Steam:

  • Sometimes Steam crashes and forces you to go on-line. If you haven’t a connection, you can’t play any steam game, including Counter-Strike. (I can’t think of one single LAN-party where we did not have a problem with steam!)
  • You can’t share the game, because you have to own an official copy of either Counter-Strike or Half-Life to play the game with steam.

Now don’t forget to take a valid CD-key with you to the LAN-party, because you need one to start the game for the first time.

Make your Counter-Strike Special!

fy_iceworld on Counter-Strike 1.5Lets say you already know Counter-Strike like the backside of your hand and you can’t stand it anymore. Then you should try some fun-maps!

There are many, many maps floating around the net. If you just want pure deathmatch, try fy_* maps like fy_iceworld or cs_bloodstrike, for knife-only maps you should try out ka_* maps like ka_legoland. If you feel like playing Rambo, you can search for maps which only allow shotguns, or if you want to train your sniper skills look out for maps like awp_map. The list is nearly endless!

Believe me, these maps are fun to play, especially when everyone is half-asleep!


If you already have experience with Counter-Strike on LAN parties, please let us all know what maps you are playing and why you think Counter-Strike is a perfect game for a LAN. (Or why Counter-Strike sucks and what games you prefere instead!)

I hope I could sease you to Counter-Strike (again) and you will have some fun hours on your next LAN party thanks to this post.

See you next week for a new LAN-game presentation!

What games are perfect for LAN parties?

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Well, I have. Everytime my friends and I plan a LAN party we come up with these questions:

  • What games do we all play?
  • Which of these games will run on everyones PC?
  • What games allow one key for more than one person in a network?
  • What games are fun to play for everyone, even if they don’t know the game yet?

If you aren’t a small group, these questions can be tough to answer. The first question is maybe the easiest one, but what about the rest? Does everyone has the latest hardware, or do you have some guys with old graphic cards that can’t play the latest action game?

Chances are, that you can’t give one right answer to these questions.

I started this blog to help you, to find the right answers. My goal is to present you a new game every week that does not require the latest hardware or a great knowledge about the game. There are many old games that are fun to play and some of them have mods (modifications) that make will raise your interests, even if you weren’t interested at the game itself.

For all those who are now disappointed that I don’t give them a list of games for their LAN party. Here are two games you probably know and maybe even love:

Both of those games are classic and should not be missing on any LAN-party!

My first game presentation will be sometime in the next week, so be sure you don’t miss it!